If you made it this far, I believe you were looking for information about me :), I hope this page can help you, otherwise, do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Maybe the first Brazilian you hear about who doesn’t like Carnival and Football,
  • Working to manage the things as simple as possible, and looking to learn more about the minimalist style.
  • Trying to learn the Estonian language (Eesti keel).

A quick overview of my career

Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development, with a postgraduate degree in Information Security, I have been working with infrastructure as a code (IaC) for over 7 years. Using Linux systems I have worked with public clouds like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure and private ones using VMware and XenServer. Lately, my focus is more on integration and continuous delivery (CICD) using Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes.

Whether you wanna have more information about me, my suggestion is take a look at my resume. I am always trying to keep it updated.